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The Mindful Educators Podcast

Dec 10, 2019

Are you ready for it? The question we are asked the most: Do you have to meditate to have a mindful classroom? Our answer: NO! Would it be great and ideal if you did? Yes. But as with all things, the key to making something part of your life is taking baby steps. And because we thought there might be teachers listening who may want to up level their mindfulness game in the classroom but for whatever reason are not ready to begin with meditation or breath work, we created this episode. So if you are interested in building a more mindful classroom we suggest looking at what you are already doing and layer it with mindfulness. With our heavy workloads, no one needs more to do but adding some intentionality around practices you are already using will anchor your classroom in a more mindful way. In this episode we discuss these 5 ways to create a more mindful classroom: 1. Focus on all things connection 2.Use metacognition to connect students to their thinking brain as much as possible 3. Reflect, reflect, reflect 4. Implement relaxation exercises during transition times 5. Practice gratitude Lastly, in our own version of Show and Tell, check out the end of our podcast where we share what we are into or what we have recently learned this week. Listen in and join us in creating a community of mindful and connected educators one classroom at a time! Our shares:: Erin: Fantastically_fourth_grade on Instagram Dave: Playing Connect-4 or any game, as a way of connecting with kids