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The Mindful Educators Podcast

Apr 16, 2020

Welcome to The Mindful Educators Podcast Covid-19 edition! We know it has been a few weeks since we have released a podcast. Truthfully, we were feeling that the world felt instantly crowded and inundated with content and we were both feeling the need to pause with the intention that when we had something of value to share, we would record. And so here we are, coming up for air with something to share. In this week’s episode of the podcast, we reflect on our current status of virtual teaching and quarantine living. We use the mindful practice of reflection to share what we have uncovered about ourselves during these challenging times, as well as share our insights into redesigning our new normal for the coming weeks. Lastly, in our own version of Show and Tell, check out the end of our podcast where we share what we are into or what we have recently learned this week. Listen in and join us in creating a community of mindful and connected educators one classroom at a time! We are wishing you all the space and grace you need to remain in good health, body, mind, and spirit. Connect with us on Instagram @themindfuleducators or via email @ to let us know how you are or with podcast ideas.