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The Mindful Educators Podcast

Nov 19, 2019

In today's episode, we are talking about something that impacts most people in the workforce. Stress. However, according to a recent Gallup poll 46% of teachers report high daily stress, tying them with nurses for one of the most stressful occupations in America today. We could recite lots of alarming statistics about stress, the burnout rate and the trend of new teachers leaving the profession in alarming numbers but our major concern here on The Mindful Educators Podcast is what can we do with this information? Teachers are stressed, burnout is real, and clearly educators who are under too much stress are less likely to be able to deliver high quality instruction or connect in positive ways with their students. While this systemic problem isn’t going to be solved overnight, hopefully we can offer you some support in combating stress associated with teaching. Specifically, listen in as we share how we both experience stress differently and how we are becoming more aware of our stress by answering the critical question, “How do you know you are doing too much?” Reflecting on this question will allow teachers to relook at their self care practices to support their emotional needs. Lastly, in our own version of Show and Tell, check out the end of our podcast where we share what we are into or what we have recently learned this week. Please take a listen and join us in creating a community of mindful and connected educators one classroom at a time!