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The Mindful Educators Podcast

Dec 31, 2019

Reflection is fitting for this time of year as we are closing out 2019 and beginning a new decade. It is also a mindful practice we feel passionate about. In this week’s episode we discuss how reflection, both personally and in school, can support the growing and learning process. It offers clarity, challenges our thinking and develops self-awareness and self-acceptance- all critical social emotional skills. We know that finding time to reflect and be alone with our thoughts is harder than ever and as a society, we lack opportunities for stillness and reflection in our daily lives. However, with a little intentionality, prioritizing reflection both personally and in school is an incredibly powerful tool. Reflection allows us the opportunity to pause and untangle our thoughts and sort through our experiences, helping us form new ways of thinking. Which can lead to more intentional and less reactive actions. And who doesn’t want a bit more of that? To support you in deepening your reflective practice, this week on Instagram we will be offering our best questions as we discussed on this episode. So if you are interested in this free resource you can grab it on Instagram @themindfuleducators and click the link in the bio. Lastly, in our own version of Show and Tell, check out the end of our podcast where we share what we are into or what we have recently learned this week. Listen in and join us in creating a community of mindful and connected educators one classroom at a time! Our shares: Erin: Nutpods creamer Dave: Laundry racks