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The Mindful Educators Podcast

Nov 10, 2020

This week on the podcast we look at invisible teacher narratives that we have developed over the course of our careers, and we begin to question them. 

The subliminal messages from society set impossibly high standards about how teachers should be showing up in the classroom which results in high stress and teacher burnout. Listen in as we walk you through a practice teaching you how to show up this year on your own terms by redefining your guidelines that align with your educational values and belief systems. 

When we teach from a place that reflects more of who we are, we can combat the stress of this crazy year and move through it on our own terms. 

Show and Tell:

Dave:   Mindful Arts in the Classroom by Andrew Jordan Nance

Erin:   This Just Speaks to Me  by Hoda Kotb

So hopefully this episode felt supportive and helpful. We would love to hear about the guideposts you uncovered to help you move through the year on your own terms. 

We continue to wish you all the space and grace you need to remain in good health, body, mind and spirit. Friends, we‘ve got this!

And lastly, If you are looking to build resilience this year and are interested in our Bite Sized PD offerings discussed on our podcast, please register at or shoot over to our website to find the details and sign up. 

We will gladly follow up with an email with details for access to the PD as well as the SEL PDF’s for use in the classroom.

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